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The Tea House Experience

What to Expect

Many tea hosts require advance reservations. Here at Fox's Country Tea house is true. This is because tea luncheon and breakfast tea menus are fairly elaborate with many offerings, such as fresh tea sandwiches, soups, and salads, are prepped in advance but made fresh once you arrive. Often your freshly baked scones and even some of the delectable deserts need to be warmed before bringing to your table. The breakfast options are all made in individual servings to order. Small tea houses have limited seating and in most cases don't have a large staff if staff at all. 

Here at Fox's Country Tea House we are limited seating and the owner is your chef, hostess and server. None of the food is bought frozen or pre-made. All ingredients are bought fresh each week based on the reservations and packages desired and put together to create tasteful foods to satisfy your palette. Everything is Homemade.

Since the luncheon packages are mostly chef chosen, once your food is brought to your table, what you will experience will be explained to you. It's a wonderful and unique way to experience new foods and tasty treats.

When possible, forward the online menu to your tea companions to determine their package preferences because you will typically be asked which package you’d like to reserve (Tea and Scones, Light Lunch, Garden Tea or Afternoon Tea). Most often all guests are asked to have the same package.

There isn't typically a dress code but feel free to take this opportunity to dress yourself up like the English do to go to Afternoon Tea. Some places will offer hats and gloves to add to your look and maybe more. Here at Fox's Country Tea House there is a rack with hats, scarves, necklaces, and even gloves to have fun and dress it up a bit.

After you have been seated your first order of business will be to choose your tea. You will get a 24oz pot of tea of your choosing, which is about 3-5 tea cups of tea. This is a great opportunity for everyone in your group to each choose a different tea and then you can share this way you get a chance to experience a few varieties of teas.

Most afternoon tea hosts respect the social nature of going to tea, and will graciously allot a time block based on your level of package so that your can relax and enjoy your conversation . Because this doesn’t allow them to seat as many parties in a given business day, you may take this into consideration and help keep your favorite tea venue prospering by  purchasing teas for home and/or tipping your server generously.

If you love a certain tea venue and would like to invite a group of friends for an occasion, ask about the possibility of reserving the space for a private party. Many will say yes! I love when groups come and especially seeing they are having a wonderful time.

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