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Destination Tea: Campfire Extravaganza

Fox's country Tea House with Charming Creek Farm is brining a little camping and tea luncheon together in a fun outdoor court yard setting with picturesque views, Koi Pond and more. Wouldn't it be the perfect place to have a light delicious lunch, relax and converse with friends and or family, make your own campfire dessert all in and around a beautiful setting. Then after lunch move right on into the Arena and watch a delightful Pony Show. Doesn't this just sound like a fun afternoon?

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Looking for a delightful outing? Combine tea and camping vibes at Fox's Country Tea House. After enjoying a scenic lunch and campfire desserts, head to Playtopia St. Catharines for family-friendly fun! Book your adventure now at


Destination Tea's Campfire Extravaganza offers a unique and immersive experience in the world of tea, combining the warmth of a campfire setting with the finest tea blends. The event provides tea enthusiasts with a distinctive opportunity to savor a diverse range of teas in a cozy outdoor ambiance. The concept of seamlessly complements this experience, ensuring that participants can fully indulge in the tea festivities without worrying about daily responsibilities.

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